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Reindeer herding experience  with Sami in Norway 

Live the real life of the Sami reindeer herders in Europe's last true wilderness in Norway. The Sami are the European Union's only indigenous people who are reindeer herders. The Sami family herd the reindeer in the tundra, in the middle of the most beautiful Arctic wilderness in Northern Norway. 

We invite you to stay with the Sami reindeer herders in the Arctic wilderness. There is no electricity, and no roads, just pure nature. You will join the Sami daily as they herd reindeer in the tundra. The Sami use snowmobiles for transportation, and you will sit on a wooden sled pulled by a snowmobile. 

Besides immersing yourself in fascinating and rich Sami culture, you will explore and live in nature that is so pure that you can even drink straight from the stream. You can come alone or with family or friends, but the experience is always intimate and unique. This stay is extraordinary and a rare possibility to experience a Sami way of life in the Arctic Circle.