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Sami reindeer spring migration

This is an ultimately nomadic adventure where you follow the reindeeer with a Sami family when they migrate their reindeer from winter pastures to summer pastures. You sleep in a tent and travel on a snowmobile.

Available: April to May


€ 3690 / $ 4190

(6 days, 5 nights)


Reindeer herding experience in winter

Live 4 days with your host Sami family and learn about Sami reindeer herding in the Arctic wilderness. 
Available: January to March



€ 2290 / $ 2590 

(4 days, 3 nights)


Sami & reindeer autumn experience

This is a slightly different seasonal variation of the reindeer spring migration. You can join a Sami family while they work with the reindeer inside corrals before the migration.
Available: October 


€ 2900 / $ 3280

(5, days, 4 nights)

Sami reindeer migration in Norway

Sami reindeer spring migration - long version

This is the longer version of the Sami reindeer spring migration. Take your chance to live like a real nomad and follow the reindeer with your Sami family. 
Available: April

Price: € 6500 / $ 7350

 (19 days,18 nights)

Sami reindeer spring migration experience

Reindeer calves earmarking

Observe and participate in the unique Sami reindeer calves earmarking period in June-July. In this time of the year, the Sami family live in a tent. This is an exclusive opportunity to participate in this Sami tradition.
Available: July


€ 2900/ $ 3280
(5 days, 4 nights)

Sami reindeer calves earmarking

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