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Discover the Sami reindeer herding culture

Sami reindeer herder herdign reindeer

The Sami reindeer spring migration

Join a Sami reindeer herder family when they migrate with their reindeer. You travel on a snowmobile and sleep every night in different locations in the Arctic wilderness.

Sami reindeer experience in winter

Sami Reindeer herding experience 

Stay four days with a Sami reindeer family and learn about reindeer herding, Sami culture, and traditions, and explore the beauty of the untamed Arctic Tundra. 


Reindeer calves earmarking in summer

Explore the unique Sami reindeer calves earmarking tradition in summer and live with a Sami family in a tent while they work with reindeer in the mountains. 


Sami & reindeer autumn experience

Join the Sami reindeer herder family in autumn and experience the unique reindeer herding culture and way of living. Bond with your Sami reindeer herder's host family in ways that will leave lasting, lifelong memories.


Supporting documentary and film projects

Be among the ones telling different stories. We specialize in facilitating photographers, researchers, documentarists, and filmmakers to ethically create authentic content and interaction with indigenous people and nature.   

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