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Authentic Indigenous Cultural Experiences in Tanzania 

Maasai experience in Ngorongoro Tanzania
Cultural Immersion

Indigenous Cultures & Cultural Safari

Northern Tanzania is home to many indigenous people who have lived there for thousands of years. In this cultural safari, you see the amazing wildlife in the most famous Tanzanian National Parks while exploring the Maasai, Datoga, Iraqw and Hadzabe cultures. 

Cultural Immersion

Indigenous tribes of Tanzania

Explore Maasai, Datoga, and Hadzabe cultures and immerse yourself in fascinating lifestyles. Sleep two nights per village. It is an ultimate cultural and bush experience where you can learn indigenous wisdom and their way of life as hunting, gathering, farming, and herding. You cannot get any closer to the African nature.  

Real Maasai village experience in Tanzania
Cultural Immersion

Experience the real Maasai Culture out of the Northern Safari Circuit

Meet the Maasai far from tourist routes and experience authentic rural Tanzania and its unique Maasai culture. Depending on the time, you may be invited to observe ceremonies, rites of passage, or feasts. But one thing is sure. It's a wild experience!

Cultural Immersion

Climb Kilimanjaro + Safari + Maasai Boma Stay

For adventurous travelers, join our small-grouped Kilimanjaro full moon expedition. After the trek, we'll stay in Maasai Boma just next to Kilimanjaro Mountain with elephants, zebras, and giraffes. 

Travel Photography

Supporting documentary and film projects 

Be among the ones telling different stories. We specialize in facilitating photographers, researchers, documentarists, and filmmakers to ethically create authentic content and interaction with indigenous people and nature.  

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