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A Real Maasai village experience in Tanzania 

About the Maasai experience

Explore the fascinating and authentic Maasai culture in rural Tanzania. On this trip, you visit the lesser-known Tanzania and meet the friendliest and most welcoming Maasai hosts who welcome you to stay in their homes. You stay in an authentic Maasai village (boma) that immerses you in the rich Maasai culture and pastoralist lifestyle. Here you will not meet any other tourists. 


 You learn how Maasai warriors use bush medication and where the Maasai warriors hang out in the savanna. You join the Maasai women in their daily life, and you enjoy your bush dinner outside under the African sky full of stars every night. Fall asleep by listening to nocturnal sounds of Africa, like hyenas laughing. We call this a once-in-a-lifetime trip to make! 

Maasai village in front of the Ol Doinyo Lengai (Mountain of God in the Maasai language),


  • An authentic and real-life experience. Live close to a Maasai family and observe and participate in traditional Maasai culture.

  • Have candlelight dinners under African stars every night in the bush

  • Sleep in the African wild. Hear the nocturnal sounds of the African wild.  It's wild! 

  • Gather around the campfire to hear stories and sing with Maasai

  • Come as a guest but live as a family member

Travel details



You can book the stay anytime except in April when the savanna is not accessible due to the rainy season. 

 The minimum stay is two nights, but we recommend staying longer because the location is very far, and it takes time to reach the remote savanna where our Maasai family lives.



Nearest airport: Kilimanjaro International airport (KIA), Tanzania

We come to pick you up from Kilimanjaro airport. All our locations are far away from the touristic route there are no roads and no electricity. It's a remote and beautiful African wilderness.



You sleep in a comfortable tent. We provide you with all the camping supplies, including a trekking bed and a blanket. 

There are no shower facilities, but you can have a bucket of warm water to wash yourself every day. Our bathroom is a hygienic portable trekking toilet. 



Your food is prepaid in the bush by a Maasai chef. Tasty African food is made of traditional and fresh local ingredients. If you have a special diet, let us know in advance. We are happy to cater to all kinds of different diets.

You have safe filtered drinking water at all times. We also serve coffee, tea, sodas, and other local drinks. We avoid using plastic water bottles to conserve nature.




We tailor the stay according to your travel wishes. Contact us, and we'll send you our price details. We recommend staying longer than two nights. The most popular stay is five days. 

Our trips cover private transport, accommodation (in a tent), camping supplies, food, and beverages. Our staff includes an English-speaking Maasai guide, driver, and chef. 



Our unique trips are managed and guided by the indigenous Maasai, Datoga, and Hadzabe hosts. They get the economic benefit and fair salary for hosting you in their home.  
Also, every trip contributes to a wider social mission.  Learn more here


Only very few foreign guests did stay here before us, it is a true native experience!
We stayed in a good tent a few meters from the village under a big tree. It was a great opportunity to connect to the Maasai people, learn about their culture and challenges in life. We were being treated like part of the family.


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We are specialized in sustainable indigenous tourism, and you can extend your stay with us in Tanzania.

On this trip, you can combine the Maasai stay with hiking in Pare or Usambara mountains, or what about a walking safari with a ranger in a National Park?

We can assure you that it will be another adventure! 

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