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All Our Trips Have a Postivite Impact  

Be a kind traveler

Traveling can positively impact local communities when it is managed and planned well, respecting indigenous people and the environment. When you travel with us, you can leave more than just a footprint behind while having an unforgettable time exploring new cultures and ways of life.
We are a social enterprise whose primary mission is to make tourism sustainable, fair, and ethical for the indigenous people and extraordinary, meaningful, and authentic for you.

Provide an income for a family hosting you

Our trips employ and give economic benefits directly to local indigenous people who run our tours and hosts our guests in their homes and villages. From each tour, local indigenous hosts receive fair payment. Sustainable indigenous tourism can provide an additional income for indigenous people so they don't need to move to cities if lack employment opportunities which can result in a loss of indigenous heritage and values.


Whole community

We listen to the voices of the indigenous women who want to invest in healthy families. We ask the local families and the broader community what they need. Our indigenous families live in remote locations where access to and quality of health services, electricity, and education are limited. We have bought health insurance, deliver sanitary pads,  covered school fees, and delivered solar panels and water tanks. Thanks to our travelers, who make this happen! 


indigenous cultures

Our mission is to preserve indigenous cultures and traditional knowledge. We value and embrace indigenous cultures, languages, heritage and livelihoods, and its transmission from one generation to the next must be protected, preserved, and encouraged.


Watch Our Projects 

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