Sami Reindeer Spring Migration in Norway

About the Sami reindeer migration

Experience the Sami reindeer spring migration with a Sami family in Northern Norway. The trip is a once-in-a-lifetime experience where you can live the life of the Sami and explore the beauty of the Arctic wilderness. You will travel on a sled pulled by a  snowmobile as there are no roads. You'll sleep in a traditional Sami lavvu tent in the wild. Besides having a good time, you give back directly to the Sami host family.

 The Sami are the only indigenous people living in the European Union. Their fascinating way of life and culture are threatened as approximately only 2,800 Sami work full time as reindeer herders. Join this amazing and unique adventure that only a few sami reindeer herder families can provide.

A typical day 

We don't have an itinerary for this adventure as everything happens at nature's speed. The Sami reindeer spring migration is a unique tradition in which reindeer move from winter pastures to summer pastures. The Sami and the guests joining the migration move on snowmobiles while following the reindeer. You sit on a sled pulled by a snowmobile. Be prepaid for the bumpy journey! 

Reindeer migration is a slow-down experience. There is a saying that the Sami walk with the reindeer. The reindeer are semi-domesticated migratory animals that Sami people follow. Sometimes the reindeer stock can stop in one place for a few days, and other times they can move faster. It would help if you were flexible to take things as they happen as the reindeer rule the migration. 

On the migration, you sleep around an open fire with your Sami host family in a tent set up in different locations while migrating further, taking equipment, tents, and food to the next area. Your Sami host family cooks you traditional Sami food from local ingredients like Arctic fish, Arctic berries, and reindeer meat. You have reindeer meat in different forms like smoked and dried. You can try traditional Sami skiing and ice-fishing when the reindeer herding duties allow it. 


  • Live close to the Arctic nature, reindeer, and the Sami

  • Experience reindeer herding in the arctic wilderness in winter

  • Learn reindeer herding skills and immerse yourself in the Sami culture

  • Live the life of the Sami herder for six days

  • Slow down and focus on the moment 

Migration details 




The Sami reindeer spring migration is an annual tradition that takes place in April / May according to each Sami family's traditions. 



APRIL 18 - 23

APRIL 26 - MAY 1



Nearest airport: Alta, Norway

You are picked up from Alta airport or your hotel in Alta by your Sami host. You join the reindeer and the other herders in Tundra. When the tour finish, the host drives you back to Alta in the afternoon. 



Accommodation is in a big traditional Sami lavvu tent with the Sami family and fellow travelers. Sleeping bags and mattresses are provided by your Sami host. No shower, outdoor toilet (a portable trekking toilet). 



The Sami Family cooks traditional Sami homemade food from local ingredients using Arctic berries, Arctic fish, reindeer meat, bred, and much more.


If you have a special diet please inform us before. The family can cater to all kinds of different diets. 




Price: € 3690 /  per person (5 nights, 6 days).

The price includes:

  • Pick-up and return from/to Alta airport / Alta city

  • Local transport (car, snowmobile) 

  • Accommodation in a traditional Sami "lavvu" tent

  • All camping supplies including a warm sleeping bag and a reindeer skin mattress

  • All-inclusive food & beverages

  • Warm outwear clothing (overalls, a hat, mittens, and boots). 

  • A native Sami family as hosts and guides 24/

    The price excludes:

  • Flights to Alta

  • Travel Insurance

The minimum group size is 2 persons, and the maximum group size is 6. 



Our unique trips are managed and guided by the indigenous Sami reindeer herder families. In addition to providing an extra income for the family, we support an indigenous Sami language heritage program.