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Make your travels more sustainable, ethical, and authentic with us! We offer a better way to travel off the beaten path and to explore fascinating indigenous cultures. You can herd cattle with the Maasai warriors, join a Sami reindeer herder family on their annual reindeer migration, learn about bush medication with Hadzabe hunter-gatherers, and make walking safaris in outstanding African wild nature or explore the Arctic Tundra.
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Our most popular adventures


Herd the cattle with the Maasai warriors in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The Ngorongoro is the only place on earth where people, livestock and wild animals co-exist in harmony. Here you can literally feel and hear the spirit of Africa.

From: €2990 / $ 3350

7 Days, 6 nights

Herd the cattle with the Maasai warriors


Live like a nomad and experience the unique Sami reindeer spring migration in Northern Norway with your host Sami family. Sleep in a tent next to the campfire and follow the reindeer in the Arctic wilderness. 

From: € 2490
 / $ 2800
6 Days, 5 nights

Sami reindeer spring migration in Norway


Join us on a life-changing eight days journey to participate and observe Maasai and Hadzabe ancient wisdom and follow their ancestors' traditional journey, reconnect with nature and expand consciousness for environmental healing.

From: ​€ 2390 / $ 2590 
8 Days, 7 nights

Explore indigenous Hadzabe wisdom

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Virtual Journeys into Indigenous Cultures

Virtual Maasai Performances

Enjoy watching the vibrant tradition of Maasai jumping and singing from the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit Natives continues helping Maasai through providing virtual Maasai performances from the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. With the revenue, we support Maasai by buying food supplies such as maize flour for the most impoverished Maasai families in Tanzania.  


Get inspired by online webinar series

Visit Natives is hosting a series of educational webinars focused on indigenous cultures and wisdom. Each month, we will be collaborating with respected elders and other indigenous community members, who will be sharing their experiences and wisdom from various perspectives. Let us take you to the UNESCO World Heritage Site and admire the beautiful nature of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, where our new webinar series is streamed live with the Maasai. 


Why choose Visit Natives

Adventurous. Our experiences are not for everybody. We connect adventurous and open-minded travelers with the indigenous people and their rich livelihoods in the most beautiful wilderness and conservation areas in the world. You get closer to nature than ever before. 

Authentic. The indigenous people open the door to their homes and culture. You can observe and participate in ancient traditions and rituals that an average traveler cannot see. With us, you are a guest, not a tourist. 

Unique. Our experiences are one of a kind. You explore remote areas, sleep in a hut or in a tent, eat local food and stay with the indigenous hosts. We make you travel deeper and with a purpose. You have something to remember for the rest of your life. 

Travel and do good!

We make travel with passion and respect. We believe in fair tourism where nature and indigenous people are respected. From every stay booked with us, the local indigenous families and community benefit the most.

Our aim is to preserve indigenous cultures through small-scale tourism where travelers visit local families and villages.

Besides you create amazing memories, you support the indigenous host family and the broader community which ensure their traditional lifestyle and indigenous culture for future generations. You contribute to alleviate poverty and support the survival of wolrd´s cultures. 


Visit Natives was born from the love to explore the world and live amongst the indigenous people. 

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