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Reindeer calf ear 

marking experience

The Sami reindeer herders have always followed the natural rhythm when herding reindeer. The reindeer year starts in May when reindeer calves are born. From midsummer, the reindeer are gathered into corrals, where the new calves are marked by cutting a pattern into their ear with a knife. All the Sami reindeer herders have their own unique earmark for their reindeer. The Sami family welcomes you to join them in this unique period and to experience this old tradition. 

A typical day with the Sami

The reindeer calf marking period is a time when all the Sami family members go to the mountains to participate in marking, including children. Before the calf marking period starts all the reindeer must be gathered together in a corral. After the new calves are marked with earmarks the reindeer are released to roam freely until Autumn. This period can be very busy!

 Travelers can observe and participate in the calf marking activities. During the calf marking period, the Sami family and travelers live in a tent, and the food is prepaid together. Earmarking the reindeer calves usually starts at night when it is cooler because of the reindeer tire easily in the summer heat. So it is possible that most of the reindeer calves marking activities happen at night time. Besides cultural experience, this is an outdoor experience in the beautiful Arctic nature under the Midnight sun. 


Travel details


Reindeer calf marking is an annual tradition that takes place after the Midsummer depending on each Sami family's traditions. Travelers can join reindeer calf marking tradition on the following dates:

7-11 July 2021


The calf marking happens in mountains of the Sørøya where the reindeer are gathered together. A free pick up and return to/from the Hasvik airport and harbor. 


Accommodation is in a traditional Sami lavvu tent with the Sami family. Sleeping bags and mattresses are provided by the Sami hosts. No shower, outdoor toilet. There is an Arctic beach within a walking distance where travelers can take a dip in the sea.  


€ 2900 $ 3280 (4 nights, 5 days). 

The price includes:

  • Pick up and return from/to Hasvik airport or harbor

  • Accommodation in a traditional Sami tent

  • All camping supplies including a sleeping bag and reindeer skin mattress

  • Traditional Sami food (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

  • A native Sami family as hosts and guides 24/7

    Price excludes:


  • International flights  

  • Travel insurance

  • Pick up and return from other locations (Alta, Ivalo)

    A minimum of two participants. A maximum group size is four participants. 


Here you can go offline. We are happy to announce this an off-grid experience. In case of emergencies, there is a satellite phone. Here you can focus on being in the moment! 

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Are you interested to book this experience, but would you like to hear other people's experiences? Click here to read a traveler interview with Facebook Rosem about her Sami reindeer calf earmarking experience with us. You can also visit our page to read customer reviews. If you have any questions, we are more than happy to help. Just contact us here.


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