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Exploring the Sami Culture through Food

Päivitetty: 26. syys 2018

Food tourism is in rapid increase because the food is a fundamental element of all cultures and besides that, we all need to eat! There are many kinds of food tourism ranging from street food to meal sharing and to gourmet food and much more. Visit Natives concentrates on authentic food experiences which are all about the traditional preparation of Sami favorites. But it is not only about the food but also the surroundings and the whole experience. It provides a chance to connect with the sami, prepare food together, sit down and talk much around the campfire.

Traditional Sami food has been based on wild food, such as fish, game, reindeer, berries, and herbs which are derived straight from the Arctic nature. Berries - like cloudberry and lingonberry- have been an especially important food, because other kinds of vegetables were not available during the long winters. Also, potatoes and Lappish bread are much used. This traditional diet still plays an important role in Sami people’ life and in their cuisine.

Eating local and authentic food is one of the strongest travel memories we create

The Real Slow Food

New travel experiences take us out of our daily routines. Slow Food is defined by how its made. With authentic Visit Natives' experiences, you will quite literally get a taste of local Sami culture through the traditional cooking styles such as smoking fish and reindeer meat inside the traditional Sami tent. Drying reindeer meat is also an important cooking style for the Sami people as only low-fat food such as reindeer is suitable and reindeer meat is perfect due to its fat content of two percent. Food gives you insights into Sami livelihood, history, and traditions so that you gain a better understanding of the values and customs of the Sami reindeer herders. That turns it into a whole new Arctic food experience.

Reindeer is very important for the Sami and therefore everything from the reindeer is used. The Sami people have always utilized every part of the reindeer for food or others, including the hooves, the skull, the marrowbone, the bones, the intestines, the internal organs, the skin, and the blood. The Sami use the reindeer blood for making blood sausages, blood pancakes, and dumpling, for example. Bidos is a stew the Sami serve at weddings or other special occasions. It consists of slow-cooked reindeer meat, including the heart, potatoes, and carrots. No seasoning is used, yet the stew has a rich taste reflecting the pasture of the reindeer. In a world increasingly dominated by fast food, it is a pleasure to prepare traditional Sami food from local ingredients that are really slow food.

Healthy and Pure Arctic Food

Reindeer graze freely in the cleanest environment in the Arctic. Reindeer get food from nature in every season by eating pastures like fresh leaves, berries, herbs, and lichen hidden beneath the snow. Their diet is a far away from the soya based concentrates industrialized food production from cattle to salmon rely on. Reindeer husbandry also helps the ecosystem to protect Tundra. What would be better than that? Reindeer meat is much healthier than red meat. It is high in omega 3 & 6 and vitamin B12. And what more, reindeer meat is very delicious! We like to call our experiences also slow travel as preparing food and fetching water is part of our Sami experience in the Arctic. You are welcome to enjoy traditional Sami dishes that feature local Arctic ingredients and traditional Sami cooking methods.

What is your most authentic food experience?

Unique and exclusive dining experience inside the Sami lavvu tent

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