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Stay with the Maasai in Tanzania and do good!

We are so happy to offer now new experiences and authentic village stays with the #Maasai in Tanzania. You can book a stay with the Maasai in three different locations - Ngorongoro, Moipo and Monduuli - in Northern Tanzania. All these three locations are unique and offer different things and landscape. In Moipo we have a Maasai village where Anniina, the founder of the Visit Natives, lived almost a year with her Maasai family. It's a very secluded and remote place for travelers who want to explore the remote savanna far away from any tourism. In Monduuli instead travelers can see some wild game such as wildebeests and different antelopes. We have a different kind of experiences ranging from Maasai wisdom & traditions to Maasai weddings, and of course, you can always go to see the wild game and visit the Ngorongoro Crater too if you book a stay in Ngorongoro with us! Maasai are indigenous people who ruled over much of East Africa more than a hundred years ago. Maasai belong to the Nilo-Hamitic group of peoples and they speak Maa- language. Traditionally, the Maasai rely on meat, milk and blood from cattle for food. They are pastoralists people who have a special relationship with their land and cattle, and they have preserved their unique and fascinating culture against the pressure of modern times, including their many rites of passages which are rituals that transport the participants from one stage of life to the next. These days Maasai live in northern Tanzania and northern, central and southern Kenya with a population of approximately one half million people. One of our very unique experience is to attend the Maasai warriors bush camp called "olpul". The Maasai warriors share a close kinship and they share everything. For example, a Maasai warrior is not allowed to eat alone. In this bush camp, the Maasai warriors - the moran - slaughter goats or cows and they only eat meat and drink a special soup to get stronger warriors. Maasai warriors are well known for their jumping dance and singing which recall legendary cattle raids and battles among the other things.

One of our Maasai village that you can book a visit with is inside the Ngorongoro Conservation area. Ngorongoro has been described as one of the wonders of the world, and in 1978 the Ngorongoro Crater was declared as a World Heritage Site in recognition of its uniqueness. Ngorongoro encompasses some of East Africa's most dramatic scenery which is a mosaic of volcanic craters and calderas, is one of the greatest of the world's wildlife wonders. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area covers over 8 280 square meters. This is an experience to book for travelers who want to see the wild animals and some excluded and unique African safari while staying with the Maasai. When visiting the Ngorongoro Crater it is almost guaranteed to see lions as so many occur inside the Crater and they often lie out in the open.

We think there is no better guide to discover and explore this unique place than the Maasai themselves. The Maasai can freely roam Ngorongoro and they the only people who are still allowed to descend to the Ngorongoro Crater to water their cattle and goats as Maasai live in harmony with the wildlife. There are few places in the world that can offer the diversity of animals and volcanic scenery and unique indigenous Maasai culture that is found in Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

From every stay booked with us, we give the majority of the payment to the Maasai hosts and we also donate to the broader Maasai community in every location. In Ngorongoro, we have a mission to build a preschool for Maasai children in Alailelai village. We believe in tourism that is fair and which benefits the local indigenous Maasai people. Our aim is that every trip respects local cultures and nature in a way that it is socially fair, culturally adjusted, ecologically sustainable and economically abundant for the local population. Traveling the world we can make a difference. Welcome to visit the Maasai with us!

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