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Traveler Interview with Michael: Sami & Reindeer Autumn Experience in October

Traditional Sami tent in Northern Norway used during reindeer herding tasks in the mountains @Michael Novotny

After the long summer when reindeer graze freely, autumn begins with reindeer herding tasks. One of the most important herding tasks is to round up the reindeer into separation enclosures. You can join this unique opportunity to observe and participate in Sami reindeer herders' work up in the mountains in October in Northern Norway. During this period the Sami live in tents which are set up temporary for this period of time. This is a very special time to live with the Sami and experience the life of the #Sami #reindeerherders in Norway. We asked our customer Michael about his Sami & reindeer experience with Visit Natives in October.

1. What was your main reason to book a stay with Visit Natives?  As a documentary photographer focused mainly on Arctic regions, I’ve been always fascinated in reindeer herding and Sami people. When planing my trip to northern Norway, I found Visit Natives through google and it was the number one choice compared to the other companies. 2. How was your experience with the Sami? It exceeded my expectations, which were already high. It was very unique and authentic. The Sami family we lived with was very friendly and open and introduced us to Sami life with everything that belongs to it.

A Sami woman @Michael Novotny

3. How many days did you stay? Did you participate in a Sami tradition?  We stayed for 4 days/3 nights and participated in annual reindeer gathering taking place on the island of Soroya.

4. Did you see or learn something new?  Basically everything we experienced was new. It is amazing that there are still places in Europe where people live so close to nature. There is something that we all should learn from them – to slow down and enjoy being outside.

5. What was the weather like?

The weather was very moody – from freezing bright sunny mornings, short snow storms to strong rain. But that is was definitely not unpleasant as we were ready for that and it’s something everybody should expect while going above the polar circle in October.

Sami reindeer herders working inside a reindeer corral @Michael Novotny

6. What was the most insightful thing?  It’s very hard to highlight just one thing, but probably listening to the traditional "jojks“ by the fire after long and cold day spent between reindeers in a lavvu is going to bet he most unforgettable experience.

8. On a scale 1-10, how was your Sami homestay experience? That is definitely full 10 out of 10.

9. Would you recommend this experience for others? I would recommend to anybody without hesitating

10. What´s next on your bucket list? It’s most likely Siberia for my ongoing photo project about life above the polar circle. Thank you Michael for sharing your experience. All the photos of this post are taken by Michael. If you want to see more his amazing photography you can check out his websites or Instagram @hazy_island. If you would like to book this experience with Visit Natives check the details here or have a look on other Visit Natives' experiences too with the Sami reindeer herders.

Working with the reindeer in October in the mountains @Michael Novotny

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