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Travel as transformation: Conscious and meaningfully travel create more value on our lives

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Tourism can never be fully sustainable, but there are many ways to travel more environmentally friendly. We believe that sustainable indigenous tourism can enrich our lives in many ways and be sustainable for the fragile environment. We share our values and tips on how to be a more conscious traveler.

Travel less, but more meaningfully

We all need to critically think our way of traveling. Air traveling causes carbon dioxide pollution into the atmosphere. It's not often easy or possible to choose another method of traveling, so most of us continue to fly, but we can choose how often we step on a plane. Traveling less means that we can consider more where we really want to go and what value those experiences bring to our lives. There are many ways to enrich our travels while making your life and other people's lives better. Supporting local people and their families can have a huge impact and alleviate poverty. Meaningful travel is about leaving a positive impact on the places that you visit or discovering new things about yourself. For example, with every single booking with Visit Natives, we buy health insurance to one Maasai or Hadza family. You can travel with a good reason when you know that your trip changes someone's life for better. By providing free health insurances we encourage Maasai and Hadzabe women to vaccinate their children and give birth in a hospital or birthing centers. The disease-prevention benefits the whole community and adds well-being.

“Wherever you go, go with your whole heart.”

Stay with locals and immerse yourself in a new culture

Authentic travel is all about staying with the locals and gaining a deeper understanding of their everyday life and culture. Cooking and eating together is one of the easiest ways to soak up the local culture. Our best travel memories are often those that we share with the locals, like ending up eating a traditional meal together with locals unexpectedly. To really immerse yourself in a culture, we need to step away from our role as an outsider. Being immersed in a different culture allows us to see the world from a perspective alternative to the one we've grown up with. When we are open-minded and willing to learn from others, it can lead to our inner growth and enrich and bring deeper meaning to our lives.

The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people

Learn from the indigenous peoples and enrich your mind

Lands inhabited by the indigenous peoples contain 80 percent of the earth’s biodiversity. Indigenous peoples are effective stewards of our planet because their lifestyle and traditional knowledge are based on nature. it's hard to overstate how much good nature does for our well-being. People living in a modern world in cities are getting disconnect from nature. These are not bad news only for our well-being but also for the environment. Indigenous peoples have lived in a sustainable way for millennia, feeding themselves without damaging the environment, in balance with nature. Their indigenous wisdom and knowledge systems have protected their environment.

Indigenous peoples are vital to the many ecosystems that inhabit their lands and may, therefore, help enhance the resilience of these ecosystems. Sustainable indigenous tourism, respect the indigenous way of life and let travelers learn from them. The indigenous wisdom is based on living in harmony with nature. Indigenous people's natural calendars have different seasons that are based on the ecosystem. For example, Sami concept of time is based on natural phenomena, and the Sami reindeer herder calendar has eight seasons. Indigenous tourism helps us to reconnect with nature that is vital for our well-being and combatting against climate change.

Travel with Visit Natives

On Visit Native's trips, travelers share the life of their hosts and participate in their everyday life. Would you like to live your day outdoors as a Sami reindeer herder in the European Union's last true wilderness? Or would you like to experience the Maasai way of life in Tanzania and to learn how Maasai people live in balance with the wild animals inside the Ngorongoro Conservation Area? Or would you like to join a Hadzabe hunter-gatherers family unit and learn more about natural healing and their indigenous wisdom that is based on nature's supply? Book all these real experiences here. We bring positive change in the world because it matters how we travel. All our tours are designed and provided by the indigenous people themselves. Our mission is to preserve indigenous cultures and their traditional livelihoods trough sustainable indigenous tourism. We support and embrace indigenous languages, cultures, beliefs and knowledge systems. Make the world better and travel with us. Want to travel with Visit Natives?

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