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Visit Natives' 


On Indigenous Cultures and Wisdom

Webinar Series on Contemporary Maasai Culture

Indigenous Maasai Wisdom and Bush Medication:


Introduction to Holistic Healing in Contemporary Maasai Culture

Maasai concept of  health doesn’t mean the physical wellbeing of an individual only. Holistic health refers to the social, emotional, and cultural wellbeing of the whole Maasai community.

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Introduction to Contemporary Maasai Culture and Traditions

Explore in-depth Maasai culture and traditions. You can attend the Maasai warriors bush camp and have a look at Maasai women's daily life. Our exciting online live courses provide you the opportunity to learn and advance your knowledge about the contemporary Maasai way of life and their fascinating culture in Tanzania.

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How we give back?

Visit Natives' mission is to preserve indigenous cultures trough small scale sustainable tourism that benefits the indigenous people directly. The majority of the payments go to the Maasai community. The webinar series is designed and presented by the Maasai from the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. As Visit Natives has canceled all the tours this spring due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we continue supporting the Maasai to get additional income from online learning courses.


We also support the broader Maasai community by purchasing health insurance for Maasai families. With every purchase of the webinar series, one Maasai family gets health insurance. More people register the webinar, and more Maasai families benefit and get access to health services.


Register this webinar series, and you become part of an effort to preserve indigenous wisdom, improve their socio-economic conditions, and to protect the fragile nature. Your purchase can change someone's life for the better.

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