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Tanzania Photgraphic tour to explore rich Maasai culture

Expedition overview

There is nothing that compares to watching majestic wildlife in their natural habitat. And it's even better when you have the best Maasai guides to show you their land and the wild game. More than a hundred years ago the Maasai ruled over much of East Africa. Their feared warriors were renowned for their bravery. In the past, every Maasai warrior was obliged to kill a lion, as it was symbolically a rite of passage. Even now, the Maasai have a special relationship with their land, the wild animals, and cattle.


During this trip, you will be a guest, not a tourist, for the Maasai with whom we stay. You sleep in a tent that is set up inside the Maasai boma. This is a rare opportunity to see the authentic and rich Maasai way of life and we participate in their everyday tasks. You learn where the Maasai warriors hang out in savanna, see how Maasai use herbal plants for healing. These are just an example!


You dine every night in the bush under the beautiful African sky full of stars. There is no electricity, no roads, and no voices. Here you can literally go off-grid and immerse yourself in amazing African nature and fascinating Maasai culture.


This trip is guided together with Anniina Sandberg and Meghan Maloney. Meghan is an award-nominated landscape photographer and Sony Digital Imaging Advocate. With Meghan's guiding, you will take your photographic skills to another level and shoot beautiful moments that will last forever. Anniina is an African researcher who has lived among the Maasai and she is fluent in both, Swahili and Maa- languages. We look forward to experiencing this special trip with you!

Trip highlights

  • Live close to the wild game inside the Ngorongoro Conservation Area that is Unesco Heritage Site

  •  View the wild game in the world-famous Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara, and Tarangire National Parks

  • Enjoy candlelight bush dinners under African stars 

  • Immersive yourself into fascinating Maasai culture

  • Slow down and enjoy the beauty of the African savanna

The itinerary

DAY 1. Welcome to Tanzania!
Arrive at Kilimanjaro airport and transfer to a 3-star safari lodge in Arusha with the rest of our group. We’ll have dinner together in a local African restaurant. (D)

DAY 2. Arrive to your Maasai boma
After breakfast, we’ll transfer from Arusha to Mto Wa Mbu from where we continue off-road until we reach our Maasai boma (Maasai homestead). We will set up a camp in the Maasai boma. The Maasai women and warriors welcome us to their home. Enjoy your first bush dinner with amazing views overlooking the Great Rift Valley. We sleep in tents set up inside the Maasai boma. (B, L, D)


DAY 3. Explore the Maasai way of life
Today we observe and participate in the Maasai way of life. In the morning we help women to milk the cows, and then we join the Maasai boys and warriors to herd cattle. In the evening Meghan gives insights into learning how to photograph perfectly within this unique environment. Dinner and overnight in the Maasai boma will be another sensory delight, with plenty of photographic opportunities. (B, L, D)

DAY 4. Ngorongoro Conservation Area & The Ngorongoro Crater
After breakfast, we’ll head to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The Ngorongoro Crater is the world’s largest intact caldera from a long-extinct volcano. Ngorongoro is home to about 26,000 wild creatures who live within the safety of the caldera walls. You can observe elephants, black rhinoceroses, leopards, buffalo, zebras, warthogs, gnu (wildebeests), Grant’s and Thomson’s gazelles, and the densest population of lions in the world. Meghan will guide us in the ‘best practices’ for photographing wildlife. We’ll have a Champagne picnic lunch by the Hippo pool, as this is a very special moment of your stay with the Maasai. We’ll head back to our Maasai boma in Mto Wa Mbu for dinner and overnight. (B, L, D)

DAY 5. Explore the Maasai culture

We spend a full day with the Maasai exploring their unique culture. Live the day with the Maasai. Go to herd the cattle with the Maasai herders or join the Maasai women to fetch water. You can also make your own beautiful Maasai jewelry or enjoy a bushwalk. Meghan teaches you how to best capture the wonderful moments you're experiencing. In the evening we gather around a campfire to see the Maasai dance and sing while you enjoy your bush dinner under the African sky full of stars. (B, L, D)

DAY 6. Tarangire National Park

After an early breakfast, we head to the Tarangire National Park. Tarangire National Park has the largest elephant population in Tanzania and the second-largest elephant population in Africa. It is a real gem in Tanzania’s northern safari circuit. Here you may see herds of up to 300 elephants roaming between huge Baobab trees. And the best news of Tarangire is that they have one of the highest elephant population growth rates and the lowest poaching rates in Africa. You may also see wildebeest, zebra, giraffe, buffalo, Thompson's gazelle, kudu, eland, leopard, and cheetah. You will enjoy a  picnic lunch in the park, and then we return to our Maasai boma for dinner and overnight. (B, picnic L, D)

DAY 7. Lake Manyara National Park

Today we say goodbye to our Maasai hosts. Before heading back to Arusha, we have a game drive inside the Lake Manyara National Park. Ernest Hemingway called this lake ‘the most beautiful lake in all Africa.’ The park is well known for its unusual tree-climbing lions and large herds of elephants. The park is also home to hippos, baboons, giraffes, zebra, wildebeest, and is particularly good for bird watching, with over 380 species having been recorded here. After the game drive, we drive back to Arusha for dinner and overnight in a 3-star lodge. Now you can relax and have a warm shower! (B, picnic L, D)

DAY 8. Kilimanjaro Airport

Transfer back to Kilimanjaro airport for your flight departures. (B).

Travel details


August 30 - September 6, 2020 

sr date


Nearest airport: Kilimanjaro International airport (KIA), Tanzania



You sleep 5 nights in a single share tent which is set up inside the Maasai boma. We provide all camping supplies. Basic camping facilities (portable trekking toilet and bucket shower). 


You sleep 2 nights in a comfortable safari lodge with a hot shower and swimming pool. 



We have a private Maasai chef who prepares all the food. Tasty African food is made of traditional and local ingredients. You have meat, vegetables, and fruits. If you have a special diet, let us know in advance. All the meals are served with bottled water, tea, and coffee. 


Price per person

$USD 4290 Minimum of 4 travelers 

$USD 3190 Minimum of 6 travelers

$USD 2590 Minimum of 8 travelers

$USD 2190 10 travelers (maximum numbers for the tour)


The price includes:

  • Transportation on a four-wheel safari vehicle with a pop-up roof

  • The Ngorongoro Conservation Area Park and camping fees

  • Five nights accommodation in a tent (single share)

  •  Camping supplies

  • Two nights in a 4-star lodge (double share)

  • All-inclusive food and drinks 

  • Bottled drinking water

  • All the activities mentioned in the itinerary. 


The price excludes:

  • International flights

  • Visa 

  • Travel insurance

  • Drinks at a lodge

We give back to the Maasai and Hadzabe people that we visit. We pay one-year health insurance for all the Maasai families that you visit during this stay. 

Please read about our cancellation policy here


Here you can go offline. We are happy to announce this a totally off-grid experience. Here you can focus on being in the moment! 

There is no electricity in the Maasai villages, but you can charge your electronics in the car. We send you an information letter including a packing list when you book.  

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Anniina is founder of the Visit Natives. She has an MA in African studies from the University of Helsinki. Her expertise is intercultural communication, indigenous cultures,  and ethnography. She has conducted research on Maasai women's bridewealth and marriage transactions. She is also a Swahili interpreter and speaks fluent Maa- language.

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Meghan is an award-nominated landscape photographer from New Zealand and a Sony Digital Imaging Advocate. She is passionate about travellers having unique and authentic travel experiences that support local communities and create memories that last a lifetime. Meghan hosts photography workshops and tours in NZ and her great passion is to help her students become masters of photography while experiencing the beauty of the country.

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