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 Sami reindeer herder summer experience 

During the summer months the Sami reindeer herders stay on the coast  or on islands near the coast. The new reindeer calves are born in April / May and it is time to get them strong. In summer travelers can hike, observe the reindeer, swim and fish with the Sami family and enjoy the beautiful nature and the Midnight sun. 

A typical day with the Sami

During the summer the reindeer are given more freedom to wander and look for the good pastures. This also relaxing time for the Sami as the herding is not so extensive than in winter. While staying with the Sami family travelers can observe reindeer, hike, and go sea fishing. The Sami family will also set up a traditional Sami camp with a lavvu tent to stay overnight, to sit by a campfire and listen to Sami yoik and stories. 

A typical day looks like this:

8 am breakfast

10 am hiking and obsessing the reindeer and nature

1 pm lunch

3 pm fishing

6 pm dinner and staying in lavvu tent 


The Sami family welcomes travelers during these periods


Please note that the first weeks of July is a calf marking period which is sold as an own experience here.


During the summer the Sami family lives in the island of  Sørøya in Breivik which is a small village with only 300 inhabitants. The Breivik is nicknamed "Lofoten in miniature" with beautiful landscape and Arctic beaches. A free pick up from the Hasvik airport and harbor. For an additional cost, a pick up from Alta. 


Accommodation in a wooden wilderness cabin with toilet and shower. Shared 2-bed bedrooms. Travelers can also sleep in a traditional Sami lavvu tent if they like. 


€ 2290/ $ 2650 / per person.   ( 4 Days, 3 nights) The price includes local transportation (car, boat while fishing, accommodation (in a wooden cabin and in a traditional lavvu tent including sheets, sleeping bag etc. ), food (breakfast, lunch, dinner), and rainwear are included in the price.  Shared bedrooms (2 pp). 


Wi-Fi  available 

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