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Visit Natives promotes sustainable indigenous tourism which respects local culture and the environment. Our tours allow travelers to experience the daily lives of Sami people and explore the Arctic nature. We offer authentic Lapland tours with a blend of traditional and modern Sami culture.

Visit Natives' tours only accommodate small group of people, keeping in mind long-term sustainainability and customer's experience. Meals are draw on local and traditional Sami food and guests generally sleep in wilderness cabins and tents. We will not take on more guests than housing and energy resources can effectively support. On our tours travelers are able to experience the Sami culture with unique lodging, cuisine and activities which are based on Sami culture and on Arctic nature. 

We want that our tours  mean something for the traveler and for the Sami people. For the Sami, tourism allows them to enjoy greater economic benefits and to maintain their living in rural areas in the Arctic Circle. For the traveler, the rich Sami culture, traditions and beautiful Arctic landscape are waiting for to be explored. 

You are in the right place if you want to have a memorable 
journey in Lapland.

The Story

It may sound weird, but the story of the Visit Natives started in Africa,  in a very hot and dry savannah far away from the Arctic circle. The founder of the company, Anniina Sandberg, has studied anthropology and she wanted to learn more about the Maasai pastoralists' culture and their language. The famous tribe in East Africa. 


So, she spent nine months volunteering with the Maasai people in Tanzania. She participated in their daily life, fetched the water, participated in feasts and drank cow's  blood straight from the vein. Just to name some highlights. That was one of her best experience ever. 


Ever since, she has missed a similar experiences when she travels. Something more special, where one could have a chance to live with the native people and learn from the culture and the nature around them as many indigenous people live in such a beautiful balance with the nature. 


Years went by and  Anniina moved back to her homeland Finland. One day she came up with an idea that she could offer unique  experiences for people who want to experience the beauty of Lapland with the Sami people in her own and neighboring countries. And this is how the story of Visit Natives begun. 


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