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Welcome to Finnmark, in Northern Norway

Our Sami host families are nomadic people who move along with their reindeer herd from winter to summer pastures. Reindeer graze freely in the Arctic wilderness throughout the year. The Sami reindeer herders have herders' cabins in nature from where they can easily herd the reindeer. During specific times, such as reindeer calf earmarking period or reindeer migration, the Sami families live in traditional Sami tents. 

Herders' cabins and tents offer quite basic accommodations. They are set out in the purest Arctic nature where is no roads, no artificial lighting or any kind of tourism. Most often there is no running water or no shower, and the toilet is outdoors. You'll be surrounded only with amazing nature. 

The Sami hosts pick up their guests for free by car from the nearest airport or city center which are Alta in winter and Hasvik in summer. You can see these pick up locations on the map below. The final part is done by snowmobiles or ATVs depending on the season. 

Pickup location



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