Herd the cattle with the Maasai warriors in Ngorongoro

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Explore the exciting Maasai culture and unique African wildlife in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Ngorongoro is the only place on Earth where people, livestock, and wild animals co-exist in harmony. It is one of the world's natural wonders that have been declared an International Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO and a World Heritage Site because of its wildlife and cultural treasures.


Join us on this extraordinary journey and walk beside zebras and gnus in the most beautiful nature, commonly referred to as the 8th wonder of the world. Watch sunsets and dine every night under the African stars. We camp in the wild bush, secluded and private, where you can relax and enjoy fantastic African nature. We experience untouched nature and wildlife from Maasai's perspective.

More than a hundred years ago the Maasai ruled over much of East Africa. For centuries they have herded their cattle, goats, and sheep in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Their feared warriors were renowned for their bravery. In the past, every Maasai warrior was supposed to kill a lion as it was symbolically a rite of passage. Until these days, the Maasai have a special relationship with their land, the wild animals, and cattle.


This adventure is based on the real-life of the Maasai warriors from the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area is the only place on earth where people, livestock, and wild animals co-exist in harmony. It is one of the world's natural wonders that have been declared an International Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, and a World Heritage Site because of its wildlife and cultural treasures. Maasai cattle can be seen grazing alongside zebras on Ngorongoro's grassland.

During the dry season, the warriors herd the cattle much further where are better pastures. The warriors can stay in the savanna with the cattle for up to months. They only eat meat, blood, and herbs and they sleep under trees. Here you can literally feel and hear the spirit of Africa.

The Ngorongoro Crater

Welcome to one of the natural wonders of the world. The world’s largest intact caldera from a long-extinct volcano, Ngorongoro is home to about 25,000 wild creatures, including 26 black rhinoceros, who live within the safety of the caldera walls.  There are 7,000 wildebeests, 4,000 zebras, 3,000 eland, and 3,000 Grant's and Thomson's gazelles. The legendary annual wildebeest and zebra migration also passes through Ngorongoro, when the 1.7 million ungulates move south into the area in December then move out heading north in June.


The Maasai are the indigenous peoples whose traditional lands are Ngorongoro including the Crater where they still herd their cattle. During your stay,  you visit the Ngorongoro Crater to observe elephants, black rhinoceroses, leopards, buffalo, zebras, warthogs, gnu (wildebeests), Grant’s and Thomson’s gazelles, and the densest population of lions in the world. You experience this amazing Crater with the Maasai who are the best guides to tell you about this unique area and wild game which is their home. You couldn't be in better company. 

The Itinerary

DAY 1. Welcome to Tanzania

Pick up from Kilimanjaro International airport and transfer to a lodge in Arusha. Dinner together. (D). 

DAY 2. Herding with Maasai

Herding with the Maasai begins! We start our journey early in the morning when we head to Ngorongoro Conservation Area. You meet the Maasai warriors at Nainokanoka Maasai village. From now on, you sleep in the wild African bush in a tent, and the warriors sleep under trees. Ngorongoro is one of the unique places in the world, and here, you can feel the spirit of Africa. (B, L, D).


DAY 3 and  4. Bush camp with the warriors 

Herd the cattle in the savanna with the Maasai warriors. ​You walk through beautiful highlands, away from the crowds. The views and scenery are truly breathtaking. You can encounter some animals like gazelles, wildebeests, jackals, zebras, and different species of big birds like eagles, kori bustards, and buzzards. You can try your skills on herding cows. In the evening the Maasai warriors dance and sing. You dine every night in a different location in a bush camp under the sky full of African stars and when it is not cloudy a full moon illuminates the savanna. It is a view that you won't forget. During the night, you might hear a hyena laughing and other sounds of the African bushveld. Wake up to the sound of Ground hornbill bird and enjoy your bush breakfast watching the sunrise. (B, L, D).

DAY 5. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area 

Head back to Nainokanoka village and stay overnight in the Maasai warriors bush camp near the village. Last night celebrations with the Maasai warriors. Warriors will slaughter a goat and make the famous Maasai bush barbecue. A lot of Maasai singing and dancing. (B, L, D). 

DAY 6. The Ngorongoro Crater

Before heading back to Arusha, you go to Ngorongoro Crater which is the world’s largest intact caldera from a long-extinct volcano. Ngorongoro is home to about 26 000 wild creatures who live within the safety of the caldera walls. You can observe elephants, black rhinoceroses, leopards, buffalo, zebras, warthogs, gnu (wildebeests), Grant’s and Thomson’s gazelles, and the densest population of lions in the world. Head back to Arusha to your 4-star safari lodge. On the way back we can visit local African artisans shops. (B, picnic L, D). 

DAY 7. 

Back to Kilimanjaro Airport

Relax at the lodge before transferring back to Kilimanjaro airport. (B). 



  • Experience the real Maasai culture and herding lifestyle

  • Explore the amazing beauty  of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area on foot

  • One full-day visit to the Ngorongoro Crater for game viewing

  • Sleep in the wild bush every night and listen to the sounds of the African nightlife

  • Trek and follow a path that only Maasai warriors use in Ngorongoro

  • Immerse yourself in Maasai culture

Travel details



Secure your spot fast, as we have only limited capacity. The expedition is for adventurous travelers who are used to trek and camp in the wild. 

Book a private trip anytime. 

Or join our small group expedition with like-minded travelers.​

1-7  October 2021

3-9 January 2022



Nearest airport: Kilimanjaro International airport (KIA), Tanzania

We come to pick you up from Kilimanjaro airport. The journey from Arusha to Ngorongoro Conservation Area takes about 4 hours. You stay inside the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, but very far away from the touristic route. Where you go are no roads, no electricity. It's a remote African wilderness.



You sleep either in the African wilderness or in a Maasai boma, which means a Maasai homestead. You are accommodated in a comfortable tent (single share). We provide you all the camping supplies, including a trekking bed and a blanket. 

There are no shower facilities, but you can have a bucket of warm water to wash yourself every day. Our bathroom is a hygienic portable trekking toilet. 


Your food is prepaid in the bush by a Maasai chef. Tasty African food is made of traditional and fresh local ingredients. If you have a special diet, let us know in advance. We are happy to cater to all kinds of different diets.

You have safe filtered drinking water at all times. We also serve coffee, tea, sodas, and other local drinks. We avoid using plastic water bottles to conserve nature.



A small group expedition
€2490 / $ 3090
 / per person  ( 7 Days, 6 nights).

The minimum group size is four, and the maximum is six persons.

A Private trip 

€ 3490 / $ 4290 / per person. 
The minimum group size is two. Discounts available for bigger groups. 

The price includes:
- Private transport and wildlife viewing in a 4x4 Land cruiser 

- Entrance fees the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and game drive in the Crater

-  4 nights accommodation in a single share tent (including camping supplies) and 2 nights in a 4-star lodge

-  Food and drinks 

- All the program mentioned in the itinerary


Our unique trips are managed and guided by the Maasai from the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. They get the economic benefit and fair salary for hosting you in their home.  
Also, we purchase a medical cover for one Maasai family most in need per each booking to make sure that your stay benefits the broader community as well. When the family receives the medical cover, they have access to medical services, including free medication. 


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