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The long Sami reindeer spring migration

Take apart to almost a full-length Sami reindeer spring migration and experience the nomadic life of the Sami.  See the route which starts from Kautokeino, Norway and ends in the island of Sørøya, which is described as one of the most beautiful islands of Norway. The final part of the migration is done by a ferry in which hundreds of reindeer will be put on board. The reindeer hole summer in the island grazing freely. This is an amazing experience. 

A typical day

Like in any of our experiences we don't have itineraries as everything happens in nature's speed. The Sami reindeer spring migration is a unique tradition in which the reindeer are moved from winter pastures to summer pastures. The Sami and the guests joining the migration move on snowmobiles while following the reindeer. This is a true slow down experience.


This is a true slow down experience. There is a saying that the Sami walk with the reindeer. The reindeer are semi-domesticated animals and the migration goes on reindeer's will as they are migratory animals that Sami people follow. Sometimes the reindeer can stop in one place for a few days and other times they can move faster.

On the migration, the Sami family and guests sleep in a tent which is set up in different locations while migration further taking equipment, tents, and food to the next camp. Guests can enjoy skiing, snow walking, and ice-fishing when the reindeer herding duties allow it. 


This is the long version  (18 nights, 19 days) of the annual Sami reindeer spring migration. 
Only one departure per year. The Sami family can take the only max. 5 travelers. 





The migration starts from Kautokeino and the guests are picked up from Alta (airport/city).  The migration ends in the island of Sørøya. The guests are taken back to Alta when the migration is completed. 


Accommodation is in a traditional Sami lavvu tent with the Sami family. Sleeping bags and mattresses are provided by the Sami hosts. No shower, outdoor toilet.   


€ 5490 / $ 6330 per person (18 nights, 19 days)
The price includes local transportation (car, snowmobile), accommodation in tents, food (breakfast, lunch, dinner), and warm outwear clothing (overalls, boots, hat, and mittens).


Partial Wi-fi. While moving to different locations there is good wi-fi connection but sometimes there are zones where you can go off-grid.  

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