Maasai homestay in 

Stay with a native Maasai family in their boma in Monduuli, which is approximately an hour drive from Arusha. Here you can observe and participate in your Maasai family's life and you might see some wild game too as zebras and wildebeest. The Maasai homestay includes two nights in a Maasai boma and one night in Tanzanian bush where you will join the Maasai warriors' bush camp. 

About the Maasai homestay 

Besides your Maasai family whom you will meet in Monduuli, you will be escorted by a Maasai staff who will take care of your stay. The Maasai staff consists of a Maasai driver, a Maasai Chef and a Maasai guide whom all speak English. They will come to pick you up from your hotel or other location in Arusha. 

During your stay, you will visit and sleep in a Maasai boma where you stay with the Maasai family. In addition, one night is spent in the most beautiful African bush. 

A typical day with the Maasai

We don't have a daily itinerary for the guest because after all, everything happens by nature's speed as this is a real-life experience.  A typical day with the Maasai may look like this:

7 am Wake up & breakfast

9 am Herding cows and hiking in Savannah where you might see the wild game (you will always be escorted by Maasai carrying spears) 

2 pm lunch

4 pm Daily tasks in Maasai boma such as cutting the firewood, fetching water, food preparations, making jewelry, maintaining houses

6 pm Dinner together with the Maasai family

8 pm Storytelling, singing, observing the sky full of stars

Every guest is warmly welcome to participate in the daily tasks with the Maasai

Olpul- A traditional bush camp with the Maasai solders

During your stay you will be invited to attend olpul- meat camp where Maasai solders go to the bush to eat meat to get stronger soldiers. In this Olpul- bush camp Maasai soldiers eat only meat and drink blood and soup. For the guests, we have also vegetarian food options.

This is a very unique opportunity to see Maasai's cultural traditions and the amazing beauty of the real African nature as you will be taken to the deep bush. The night is spent in the bush in tents. There will be Maasai soldiers as watchmen 24/7.   


Maasai families in Monduuli welcome visitors from a year-around.
The standard stay is 4 days and 3 night. It is also possible to book longer stays if you wish. 


You will be pick-up from Arusha. It takes about an hour to arrive in Monduuli. Your Maasai family lives in Savannah far away from the touristic areas. There are no electricity and no roads so you will be traveling by a Land Rover. The location is extremely beautiful and excluded. 


Accommodation is in a tent which is set up inside the Maasai boma. All tents have mosquito nets. A toilet is very basic and outdoors. There is no shower, but you will have a bucket of hot water every day to take a bath in trekking style. 


To avoid any stomach problems, we have a Maasai chef who will prepare all the food for the guests. The tasty food is made on traditional and local ingredients. All the food is cooked well and we use only boiled water to wash the dishes. You will be served bottled water, tea, and coffee. 


€ 1590 / $ 1800 / per person  ( 4 Days, 3 nights). Minimum 2 persons. Solo travelers pay 400€ more. The price includes own transportation (four-wheel drive), accommodation in tents including mattresses, food, and drinks (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and you personal Maasai staff (including chef, guide and driver) and all the activities with the Maasai family including the Maasai warriors' bush camp.


We donate part of the payment to the Maasai women's community project which is food security. We buy goats for the women's project. With one stay of 2 people, we can buy 6 goats for the Maasai women. 


Here you can go offline. We are happy to announce this a totally off-grid experience. Here you can focus on being in the moment! 

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